Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Hi there folks. Sorry about being away so long but being an express version of The Curmudgeon, when I'm on holiday I do the opposite to the normal yearly grind as most people do so my holidays were naturally extended.

Anyway, onwards .... ha ha.

I don't know why I laughed there as I don't normally do the puns and jokes - no time you see.

I notice that The Curmudgeon has filled the gap a couple of times quickly getting out some short and pithy posts which are quite a change from his excessively rather long and boring entertaining ones.
Unfortunately that old grouch from Nuova Lazio got his (they're probably Shelley's) knickers in a twist and called the posts 'Fill-ins'. What a c... crazy old guy! I think that the relief teaching is getting to him.


What I want to tell you in this post is that the DeLonghi dehumidifier we have is a godsend.

We've had this for well over twenty years and it performs marvelously. The Curmudgeon has mentioned before how older appliances seem to be much better made and more reliable than the modern disposable rubbish. I guess the old adage 'buy quality- buy well' is appropriate for household appliances and the longest lasting ones have always been the more expensive, better brands. Buying cheap is often false economy.

The DeLonghi sucks up moisture like a thirsty man in a desert. It's amazing how much moisture there is in the air especially with this 99% humidity we're having.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018


I discovered this blogger while trawling for something else.

I like his/her style.

Have a read of this post. I'm sure it'll appeal to Richard:

Sunday, January 28, 2018


"In an interview with the BBC on Monday, Harry gushed that Princess Diana and the former "Suits" actress would be "thick as thieves, without question.""
Yes, well, I don't know about "thick as thieves" as Diana was more like 'thick as two short planks'

Wow! Blasphemy almost and the Dianaphiles out there will no doubt troll me but fact is fact. Diana Spenser was far from being the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Princess Diana ‘was really spiteful, really unkind’, Mountbatten sisters claim - Vanity Fair Feature

When I float the name of the late Princess of Wales by Lady Pamela, she initially offers a couple of positive remarks, then lowers the boom: “She had enormous charisma, she was beautiful, she was very good at empathy with the general crowd … and she had no feeling at all for her husband or his family. Quite the reverse!
“She was really spiteful, really unkind to him—and, my God, he’s a man who needs support and encouragement. [The marriage] absolutely destroyed him. He looked grey and ghost-like. Now of course he’s blossomed again.
“She made everybody believe she’d been thrown to the wolves. Such nonsense! She was given the Queen’s favorite lady-in-waiting, Sue Hussey, to help her, to teach her. But she didn’t want to be told anything. ‘That’s boring, Sue,’ she’d say. Instead, she wanted to listen to her music and go disco-ing or to some jive concert. She didn’t try. She had no need to try because she saw the people admired her, then they admired her more. She reckoned she was the star.”

It's all coming out now - I guess because her youngest son is about to marry and the whole royalty machine is gearing up for another PR onslaught so the anti-brigade have to respond.

As for me I think that they are all a bunch of inbred leeches and I always thought that Diana was a dumb simp.

I enjoy watching the comedy series The Windsors which send them up 'royally'

Friday, January 19, 2018


I like Ricky Gervais. He's nicely self-effacing and unpretentious.

This is a great interview with Corbert:


Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Look, just quickly - I don't have time for this rubbish but here's something to get you off my back.

Thursday, December 7, 2017


I've been a bit more active today now that my knee is improving.
I played tennis first thing this morning and managed to last the whole session (on Tuesday I only managed an hour and a bit and was in pain afterwards).

After lunch I played lawn bowls for a couple of hours and then went for a swim.

I'm missing my walks but will give it a try this weekend when The Old Girl comes up. We have a great choice of walks around here, from the easy-on the-flat type through to the bush walks and the mountain walks. I'll start with the easy-on the-flat ones.

Getting better and back into it is a bit of a challenge and also a bit of a balancing act. The Old Girl forbade me playing tennis and golf after my accident a few weeks ago and I've generally followed her prohibition, only lying to her about my tennis today. The big problem is, as she's coming up tomorrow and staying until Tuesday, is in convincing her that I'm still too infirm to vacuum floors, clean windows, surfaces and bathrooms and generally need assistance in these areas.

Sunday, December 3, 2017


As Secretary of THE CURMUDGEONS INCⓒ I must support the Chair THE CURMUDGEON in his recommendation to members to not take direct action against Angry Jesus, Baxter and the other members of The Bass Bagging Confederation.

I'm mad as hell about it though.

To what levels will this rag-tag bunch of has beens stoop to try to gain back readership and ratings?

Oh well, soon, as The Curmudgeon predicted some time ago the Bass Bag bus station will soon be just an abandoned hub.